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Kolot Ramim was established in 1992 and immediately began to secure its position as a leading company in Israel for lighting and audio services. Three primary fields have rendered Kolot Ramim a company with a permanent and increasing customer base.

Personal service: Any event of any size will be granted personal, professional and attentive service.

Equipment quality: The field of lighting and audio systems is constantly developing at a rapid pace. Kolot Ramim has selected a top quality line of equipment and is meticulous in the innovation and supply to its customers of the best service and equipment available.

Value for your investment: The field of lighting and audio systems is a professional one that demands high quality, professionalism, safety and the maintaining of regulations, aesthetics, well-maintained equipment and professional and personal service, before, during and following the event. Kolot Ramim will provide you with the optimal value for your investment.

Areas of professional expertise:

Audio system for shows and performances: The Kolot Ramim team's experience and professionalism reflects a complete understanding of the needs of the artist on the stage. We provide personal, comprehensive service that includes design, installation and operation of optimal lighting and sound systems, sophisticated back-line musical instruments, smart projectors and decorative lighting. Our team of technicians stands at your service for the entire length of the performance.

Conferences, sales promotions and events: We supply and set up quality, decorative lighting and sound systems, cordless mikes, area mikes, media synchronization systems; we even ensure recording and documentation of the event on a multi-track system, if required. In addition, we supply mobile electrical points, power cables, plug splitters and generators.

Weddings and parties: Our team will design and install atmosphere lighting, functional lighting and specialized audio systems, and will perform all necessary co-ordinations with the event manager, the DJ and planners, to ensure the quality event per your request.

At field events, we design and supply various electrical distributors and silenced generators.

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